August 29, 2022

Your Live Event’s Brand Is Everything

Whilst it is relatively well-known that the branding of any product or service is a key component required to achieve ‘success,’ live events are even more susceptible to failure if a strong brand identity is not established.

Branding provides a direct avenue for promoters to effectively distinguish their event from any competitor, and provides potential attendees insight into what their experience may entail. Therefore, it is worthwhile revisiting exactly why branding is crucial, and how a promoter can leverage their branding to their absolute advantage.

Why Is Establishing Your Brand So Important?

With many prohibitory restrictions long gone, there has never been a better time to revisit the importance of a live event’s brand.

By establishing an easily identifiable brand, promoters can effectively portray the type of experience an attendee can expect at their event. The brand ultimately becomes a promise to fans, that the proposed event will live up to the experience advertised.

There is a reason that fans attend festivals like Tomorrowland, year after year. They know exactly what to expect, as the Tomorrowland brand has built a reputation of providing one of the world’s most incredible events. Fans are subsequently buying into that brand’s track record.

But, how can a potential attendee gauge the type of experience they will receive, if they attend a new event that does not have a track record?

The answer is: Through a well-crafted brand.  

How To Leverage Your Brand

Welcome Expectations And Exceed Them

With an established brand comes expectations.

And rightfully so…

Fans will expect promoters to deliver an experience that is at least on par with their previous events. Whilst this could be seen as a burden, others may see the opportunity to exceed a fan’s expectations.  

If a promoter understands that their fans are expecting a certain level of artists, experience, facilities etc., they could push to ‘one up it.’ By consistently taking their events ‘to the next level,’ loyal fans WILL notice the improvements and WILL become organic advocates for the event.


Creating a strong and respected brand allows promoters to leverage their position to orchestrate additional side-shows and sub-events. One prime example of brand leveraging is Insomniac's curation of Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC). What started as one event in Las Vegas, has turned into over seven events per year in Korea, Japan, Mexico, China, and the U.S.

If a promoter’s brand holds enough weight and transcends borders, the possibilities are endless. They could replicate their event in different cities, formulate club nights, establish side-shows, create a smaller sub-event, and a whole lot more.

Give Branding The Time It Deserves

Branding is so much more than a colour palette and a logo, it defines the identity of an event and gives individuals insight into what they should expect, if they attend. Inappropriate branding will lead to dissatisfied attendees and could ultimately risk the longevity of an event. Therefore, it is crucial that all promoters carefully consider their brand, before orchestrating any event.

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