AAA Team

At AAA, we’re a diverse and multi-disciplinary team who share a common vision to make
the Experience Economy more involving and immersive for creators and fans



Iqbal Ameer

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

When it comes down to the seminal players driving the Experience Economy in Asia today, Iqbal is a tour de force. As Founder and Group CEO of The Livescape Group, he’s responsible for masterminding some of the region’s biggest award-winning event/festival brands such as Rockaway Music Festival and It’s The Ship. With a storied track record and an innate understanding of the true value decentralised technology brings, AAA is the culmination of his vision to drive new innovation for the industry, create new means for fan engagement and equalise access to capital for experience creators everywhere. Iqbal serves AAA as its Chief Executive Officer, working closely with the team and its partner creators on closing the gap to create a truly decentralised Experience Economy.

Marvin Das

Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer

Marvin is a serial entrepreneur and loves all things tech. He has ventures in the areas of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and VR/AR technologies. As an early backer of XDC token (Xinfin), he was responsible for building the use case for enterprise adoption of XDC’s layer one hybrid blockchain protocol for aviation, MRO supply chain, renewable energy as well as agriculture. Further, he also heads up Content & Partnerships in Asia for Sensorium XR and Senso token. Today, he serves as Chief Operating Officer at AAA and plays an integral part in shaping the AAA narrative and its development.


Core Team


Ivan Mihaylov

Head of Tokenisation & Architecture

Having cut his teeth in the world of blockchain with ICO marketing juggernauts, ICOBox - Ivan has worked on a multitude of ICO launches and was instrumental in defining the fundraising pathway for so many. He brings tremendous experience and expertise as an early adopter and practitioner in the blockchain space and today, is responsible for developing AAA’s tokenization roadmap and business strategy.


Alexey Lapirov

Head of Product & Ecosystem Development


Ritesh Kakkad

Ecosystem Consultant


Darren McVean

Engineering Consultant

Alex is a hard-nosed tech veteran that has gleaned a gamut of experiences from around the world, with critical know-how in translating product value and outcomes for markets as challenging and diverse as Europe, Africa, and the South Asia regions. With an innate understanding of enterprise ecosystems in the new shared economy driven by blockchain he is responsible for designing the architecture of AAA’s products and ecosystem development. business strategy.

With more than 20 years’ experience, Ritesh is the Co-Founder of XinFin (ticker: XDC) and is responsible advocating its protocol use at enterprise level and orchestrated the rise of XDC token which today has an estimated USD4b in market cap. As an Ecosystem Consultant with AAA, Ritesh provides invaluable expertise in architecting and managing the development of AAA’s ecosystem.

Darren has played an instrumental role in countless of blockchain projects, consulting behind the scenes to understand engineering requirements and depth. He’s especially adept at orchestrating resource integration into projects to fulfil organizational goals and targets. Today he serves as CIO with Flamingo AI and acts as engineering consultant for AAA in helping to shape our product development roadmap and goals.

AAA Advisory


Mariana Sanchotene


Priya Dewan

Industry Advisor


Jane Slingo

Industry Advisor


Wayne Lee

Industry Advisor


Jason Ayoubi

Industry Advisor

Industry Advisor

As one of the entertainment industry’s most respected names, Mariana built a formidable reputation over the last two decades as a highly-efficient and knowledgeable executive, and negotiator in her time with IDNT (Sensation, etc.), SFX Entertainment and ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event)
As one of our AAA’s industry advisors, Mariana brings integral experience and insight that will help shape our market strategy and partner relationships.

One of Billboard’s 2021 Power Players of the Year, Priya is highly-regarded for her industry knowledge and expertise especially within the live circuit community throughout Asia, and has left an indelible mark on the industry.


As Vice President of South Korea & Asia for The Orchard, and also founder of Gig-Life Pro, she has her finger on the pulse of Asia and will play an instrumental part with AAA’s growth and outreach.

To say Jane is an executive of some repute would be an understatement - As Director for Asia Pacific for Vibe Lab, she works with cross-sector stakeholders and governments on how to keep cities vibrant and flourishing after dark. She also serves as Director of EMC since 2012, an annual conference and festival held in Sydney.


She joins AAA’s Advisory Board as Industry Advisor, and will bring her much-lauded talents to help architect ecosystem growth for the team.

As the General Manager of Zouk, Wayne is treading on the hallowed grounds of this globally renowned mecca for electronic music, and for much of the last decade been largely responsible for driving the operations and business strategy to keep this 29-year institution at the top.
As Advisor to AAA, Wayne brings much panache and guile that will be pivotal in our ongoing narrative to build stronger communities and an enriched marketplace.

A seasoned veteran with notable contributions in over 25 years in the Experience Economy, Jason has spearheaded some of Australia’s leading festival brands including Future Music Festival,, Summerdayze, Two Tribes and Good Life - just to name a few.

And with more than 1,000 artist tours under his belt with the likes of The Prodigy, The Stone Roses to Drake - also to name a few, Jason brings a stellar reputation that will bolster the efforts of AAA ahead.